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Swiss Tech has been fantastic to work with. It's refreshing to find a company that will work with you to get exactly what you want. We were having our parts stamped by the traditional method when we found out about Swiss Tech and their fine blanking process. We were hesitant to switch processes because of the upfront cost of tooling and the unknowns of switching manufacturers but decided to take the chance. I have to say that I wish we had switched sooner. The savings in labor associated with metal finishing more than made up for the cost and time associated with changing processes in the first month alone.

Ben Hanson

Owner - Maven Metals

"It’s a pleasure doing business with Scot Frazer and the Swiss Tech Precision team. Scot is always very responsive and courteous, acts with a sense of urgency, and can execute my most difficult ask with ease and simplicity. I appreciate Swiss Tech’s transparency and competitive bidding. They consistently deliver top quality parts and performance, a class act partner."

Sara Gordillo

Sourcing Specialist


Scot and team are very detail oriented, and produce some of the finest and most cost competitive fine blank tooling in the nation. Their service is of the highest level, and the quality of the parts is world class. As a Sourcing Specialist, I wouldn't take my business anywhere else.

Terry Heltsley
Sr. Sourcing Specialist
Gerber Gear

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Swiss Tech is a premium provider of Wire EDM work. Their efficient, prompt turn-around coupled with their precise accuracy and attention to detail has made them the preferred, automatic go-to for all of my cutting needs. In every work request, Scot and his team have always far exceeded the expectation - the associates excel at thinking (and delivering!) “outside the box”. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with the intelligent, courteous staff and look forward to future business with them.

Camille B. - Commercial Program Manager

The Swiss Tech team has performed very well with our team at Buck Knives Inc. They have taken the lead in making sure that our projects are on time and with the QA we expect. We have worked with Swiss Tech both on building tools for Fine Blanking, and running Fine Blanking production for us. In both cases Scot and the Swiss Tech team have performed admirably.

Swiss Tech is easy to do business with, I absolutely love the confidence and knowledge they bring to the industry. We have just recently gone through a program in which our employees spent some quality time at Swiss Tech, learning different techniques from their journeymen operators, and have begun applying some of those techniques here. A pleasure to work with...​


​Sr. Mfg Engineer

Buck Knives